Hmmmm….Where do I begin?  I’m a mom of two little rugrats with a need (like obsessive, compulsive, to a point of maybe a touch crazy) to create and make.  I’m one of those people that continually is on the look-out for new diy ideas, creative upcycling, ways to save around the house, or just crafting new home decor and sewing pretty little doodads for my two adorable minis.  I’m a photographer by profession, so that probably feeds and contributes to my obsession and need for creativity. This blog is my creative outlet to share not only my latest projects and ideas, but also my latest cooking debacles, saving tips for around the house, and even some “make momma want to pull her hair out” kid drama. It’s about creating a home that will nurture your life, family, and the love that comes from everyday life experiences.

family photo


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