Cabin Fever Cure #1

The cooler weather has only been here for a couple of weeks, and living in the midwest, we know this is barely even the tip of the iceberg.  My little preschooler is already bouncing off the walls and in fully-loaded “terrible 3” mode (don’t believe what they say about 2yrs old, trust me, 3 is harder!) and causing her mama to want to check herself into the nearest psych ward.  SO, I’ve been on the look-out for some fun, new things to keep us busy this winter.  Of course, Pinterest is my best friend for all things creative and fun, and one of the most interesting things I found was called Cloud Dough.

It was a HUGE hit!!

This was just a test run. So, I only used 4 cups of flour (wheat worked great to make it look more like sand) and a foil baking pan to mix it in.  It had an awesome texture and molded extremely well.  The little munchkin loved the squishy feeling in her fingers and was completely absorbed in building her “castles.”  It’s a bit messy but was so worth it for the shocking 90 minutes of fun that she had with it!

My plan is to double or triple the initial recipe from here and dump it all into one of those large under-the bed Rubbermaid containers along with a few of their sandbox toys and a few cups.  Then, we can just store it covered in the garage and yank it in the house when we’re ready for some messy but fun playtime!

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