My tomato cage Christmas tree tutorial

Here goes my first post!  I have been dying to try my hand at making a couple of the tomato cage Christmas trees that I have been seeing all over Pinterest.  The couple I saw didn’t really have much of a tutorial, but it seemed like a fairly easy project to figure out.  So, I decide to just wing it and make my own.  I have to say I’m pretty stinkin’ happy with how it turned out!

First, gather all of your supplies:

(you’ll need a trusty hot glue gun as well and possibly a pair of wire-cutters)

I used a couple of old tomato cages that were left at our house when we moved in, and I bought 10 packs of wire garland from the “Everything’s a Dollar” store.  After finishing the first tree, I now will have to go buy some more since it took about 8 1/2 packs to do 1 tree.  I also used some old wrapped wire that I found in my craft supplies to tie up the top like this:

I recommend hot glueing the wire in place after you get it situated the way you want it.  Otherwise, you may be fighting it sliding around and/or flying off completely.. You may need to shape the cage a bit if it looks a little lop-sided or off.  Next, I started wrapping and glueing..

Now, this can be a bit tricky to make sure it doesn’t have gaps or look too thin.  I placed a dot of hot glue on the vertical wires as I wrapped around with about a 3/4 inch gap between each row as I was coming around.  That kept it nice and full while moving at a nice pace up the tomato cage.  Now for the finished product…

Add a few decorations, and there ya go!  I actually plan to do a little more with these in the next couple of days…(think lights and potted-tree look). I will have an update post on that coming soon…

So, costs for this project:

upcycled old tomato cages:  FREE

wire garland for 1 tree:  $9

any old piece of wire or twine around the house:  FREE

Bows (you could use any decorations lying around the house):  $3

GRAND TOTAL = $12  or less


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